Welcome to our popular Fireside Chat Series of oral history interviews on life in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. The series began in the winter of the year 2000 and continues on today. We will be uploading the series of 38 chats over the next several weeks. Feel free to move the play bar at the bottom of each viewing window. Please make sure to unmute the sound on the video player.

Fireside Chat #1 - Memories of Cedarburg / Filmed on February 13, 2000

Panelists included Bob Armbruster, Palmer Krueger, Gloria Wetzel, Ed Rappold, Lucille Becker and Tony Fischer.


Fireside Chat #2 - Cedarburg Fire Department / Filmed on March 12, 2000

Panelists included Ed Rappold, Wilmer Mixdorf, Allen "Tubby" Boerner, Bill Ritter, Roger Hron, Harry Wiegert



Memories 8:26

Artifacts 21:45 / 28:32

German Influence 27:52 / 38:07

Wittenberg Mill 40:05 / 48:33

Swimming 47:14

Cutting Ice 49:14

Quarry and Stone from Quarry 49:35

Hilgens Spring Park 54:22

Weber's Mill 1:02:30

Cedarburg During the Depression 1:05:20

Kiekaeffer 1:13:53

Doctors and Medical 1:17:35

Police Chief Beckman 1:21:52




History of Fire Department 8:43

Most Memorable Experiences 29:52

Unusual Emergencies 47:38

Meals 49:40

Mutual Aid 51:12

Races 52:50

Has Cedarburg Lost Firefighters 56:37

Biggest Fires 57:20

March of Dimes Drive 1:02:45

Memorable Firefighters 1:04:40

Cooperation Between Employers and CDF 1:09:04

Training and Regulations 1:11:04

Maxwell Street Days 1:14

Equipment 1:17:30

Designated Jobs 1:18:27

The Department Today 1:21:55







Turner Hall  9:00

Hilgen Spring Park 10:00

Turner Hall  13:52

Hilgen Spring Park 18:40

Turner Hall  20:15

Traveling Shows 28:30

Weber's Hill 30:30

Turner Hall 31:20

Rides at Picnics 37:50

The Cedars 39:30

Hilgen Springs 42:30

Bauer's Cafe 46:30

Messages 48:00

Country Club 49:15

What did teenagers do? 50:00

Baths 53:00

Chimes Theater 54:00

Rivoli 56:30

Going to Milwaukee 57:10

Movies 59:00

Fireside Chat #4 - School Memories / Filmed on October 8, 2000

Panelists included Ed Rappold, John Paulin, Lucille Becker, Gloria Wetzel, Dr. Richard Cass, Dick Lindner



Ed's Memories 10:30

Gloria's Memories 13:20

Lucille's Memories 15:50

Dick's Memories 22:00

John's Memories 28:20

Richard's Memories 37:40

Memories of the Lincoln Building 50:25

Differences Now and Then 58:10

Dress in School 1:05:05

What did you do for lunch/transportation? 1:07:00

High School Activities 1:12:00

Curriculum Changes 1:14

Dr. Cass plays and interview about teacher discipline and relationships with students 1:26









Fireside Chat #3 - Social and Cultural Life / Filmed on October 8, 2000

Panelists included Bob Armbruster, Erna Burmeister, Tony Fischer, Bill Ritter, Vivan Laabs, Joan Wirth




Video of Bob Armbruster 4:55

Lauterbach's Menswear 22:36

Ed on Photography 27:55

Palmer on Barth's Restaurant 34:35

Vivian on Grocery Store and Laabs Business 39:48

Lois on Jung Furniture and Undertaking 47:30

Tailoring and Garments for Undertaking 54:55

X-Ray Machines 55:45

Stores and Buildings Torn Down 56:33

Selling Radios, TV, etc. 1:00:01

Being Open on Fridays and Weekends 1:01:03

Charge Slips and Credits 1:03:37

Hardware Stores 1:07:53

Saloons 1:09:15

English vs. German 1:11:00

Bowling Alley and Other Buildings 1:12:30

Chimes Theater 1:17:30






Fireside Chat #11- Old Time Merchants / Filmed on April 30 2000

Panelists included Ed Rappold, Bob Armbruster on video, Vivian Laabs, Palmer Krueger, Lois Jung and Bob Lauterbach.










Fireside Chat #5 - WWII Memories / Filmed on November 12, 2000

Panelists included Ed Rappold, Charlie Imbruglia, Bob Armbruster, Jack Single, Bob Klug, Lester Riebe, Lou Nichols and Vivian Laabs

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